Tips and Tricks to Effectively Use LinkedIn Sponsored InMails

Finding ways to stand out from the crowd is crucial, regardless of your industry or position.

Your LinkedIn profile can be a powerful tool for achieving this goal. It serves as a platform for professional networking, job hunting, and business growth.

However, to truly leverage the potential of LinkedIn, you need to go beyond just having a well-crafted profile.

That’s where LinkedIn-sponsored InMails come into play.

In this article, we will go into the world of LinkedIn-sponsored InMails and explore how you can leverage them as a dynamic marketing tool to drive engagement and conversions from your target audience.

Craft a Catchy Headline

When using sponsored InMails, your headline plays a pivotal role in capturing attention.

It serves as the first impression and determines whether recipients will open and read your message.

To create an engaging sponsored InMail, consider the following tips:

Keep It Concise

Avoid wasting valuable space on an elaborate introduction or lengthy greeting. Instead, dive right into the heart of why your message is relevant to the recipient.

By getting straight to the point, you demonstrate respect for their time and increase the chances of them reading the entire message.

Stay Relevant

Personalization is key.

Ensure that your message directly relates to the recipient’s job or industry.

For example, if they work at an accounting firm, highlight how LinkedIn can enhance their bookkeeping processes.

This demonstrates your understanding of their industry and fosters trust by emphasizing shared goals.

Research the recipient’s background and tailor your message accordingly.

Be Timely

Timing is everything. If you have recently launched a new product or service, mention it in your message.

LinkedIn serves as an excellent platform for staying up-to-date on industry trends and events.

By incorporating this information, you leverage LinkedIn’s role as an industry hub.

If you don’t have a new offering to share, emphasize your expertise by mentioning the number of years or months you have spent in the field.

This establishes credibility and positions you as a knowledgeable professional.

Leverage Connections

Networking is at the core of LinkedIn.

If you have collaborated on a project or know someone who has a connection with the recipient, highlight it in your message.

This showcases your reputation and instills confidence in your professionalism, benefiting both parties.

Personal connections help break the ice and create a sense of familiarity, making the recipient more likely to engage with your message.

Offer Value

The key to effectively using LinkedIn Sponsored InMails is to provide value to your target audience.

People are more likely to engage with your message if they see a clear benefit in doing so.

Consider the following strategies:

Provide Valuable Content

Offering something of interest can capture attention and prompt engagement.

It could be an intriguing article related to their industry, a discount on your product or service, or a free trial.

Address any questions or concerns they may have regarding your offering.

By demonstrating that you understand their needs and can provide solutions, you position yourself as a valuable resource.

Deliver Value Within the Message Body

The message itself should be valuable and actionable.

Mentioning a common connection, scheduling a phone call or Skype conversation, or encouraging them to respond directly through LinkedIn all contribute to establishing a relationship and initiating meaningful dialogue.

Be genuine in your approach and focus on how you can help them achieve their goals.

Keep It Concise

In a fast-paced world, attention spans are short.

Aim to keep your message under 100 words, if possible.

This increases the likelihood of your message being read in its entirety and boosts the chances of receiving a response.

Communicate your value proposition within the limited space, capturing their interest and enticing them to take the desired action.

Include a Clear Call-to-Action:

Be explicit about what you want the recipient to do after reading your message.

Whether it’s requesting questions, scheduling a meeting, or proposing a follow-up conversation, guide them toward the desired next step.

Make it easy for them to respond or take action by providing clear instructions and contact information.

Write a Compelling Body of the Message

Once you have captured the recipient’s attention with an enticing headline, it’s crucial to deliver a compelling message body.

Here are some tips to make your message stand out:

Address the Right Topic

Tailor your message to their specific needs and interests.

Research their company, role, and industry to understand their pain points and aspirations.

For instance, if the recipient works at a company specializing in software products and services, focus on that area rather than discussing unrelated topics.

Show them that you understand their challenges and have the expertise to address them.

Mention Yourself As the Sender

Make it clear that you are the one reaching out to them.

Personalize the message by mentioning their name and role.

This not only adds a human touch but also encourages careful reading of the message.

By highlighting your connection and relevance, you potentially spark interest in exploring a potential collaboration.

Ask a Question

Engage the recipient by asking them a question related to their work.

This not only shows your genuine interest but also invites them to share their thoughts and opinions.

By initiating a dialogue, you create an opportunity to establish a connection and demonstrate your expertise.

Invite Them to Connect

To effectively utilize Sponsored InMails on LinkedIn, it’s crucial to communicate your intentions. 

Specify the purpose of the connection and provide a link to your LinkedIn profile.

You can also take this opportunity to share relevant information about yourself or ask questions that help them understand the benefits of connecting with you.

Remember, brevity is key!

People are often pressed for time, so keeping your message concise is vital.

Ensure that your inbox doesn’t contain any spelling errors or unintentional consequences resulting from an excessive word count.

Double-check your message before sending it to maintain a professional image.

Additionally, the opening paragraph holds significant weight. It should offer a compelling reason for the recipient to connect with you.

If someone is undecided about clicking on your link, what would convince them to take the plunge?

Highlight your expertise, mention a mutual connection, or offer a valuable resource to pique their interest and increase the likelihood of connecting.

LinkedIn Sponsored InMails: Starting Conversations on the Platform

LinkedIn Sponsored InMails present an excellent opportunity to initiate conversations on the platform.

They facilitate connections with potential customers, build your brand and credibility, enhance business exposure, and even help you grow your leads.

Moreover, Sponsored InMails are cost-effective, with prices ranging from $0.50 to $5 per click, depending on the reach.

By leveraging Sponsored InMails, you can establish relationships with potential clients, offer valuable content such as blog posts or videos, and promote relevant products or services directly to your target audience.

This platform allows you to bypass distractions often encountered on social media platforms and engage with your audience directly through their inboxes. 

It enables you to deliver personalized messages, tailored to the recipient’s needs and interests.


LinkedIn Sponsored InMails offer a powerful tool for reaching out to potential customers and establishing connections.

They allow you to break through the noise and directly engage with your target audience. Whether you aim to communicate job opportunities, recruit new hires, or promote your company’s offerings, it’s crucial to use these messages effectively to avoid being ignored by recipients.

By following the tips and tricks discussed in this article, you can optimize your LinkedIn Sponsored InMails to drive engagement, build relationships, and achieve your marketing objectives.

Craft compelling headlines, provide value to your audience, write concise and relevant messages, and invite them to connect.

With the right approach, Sponsored InMails can be a game-changer for your LinkedIn strategy, helping you stand out and make meaningful connections in the professional world.