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Get the full contact information of everyone who visits your website then apply filters to find the perfect leads.

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AI-powered visitor analytic software that automatically captures the full name, contact information, company and job title of every website visitor.

GDPR Compliant

Buyer intent data that adheres to GDPR regulations.

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Detailed information on each of your website visitor…

Full Name of Visitor

Company Name

Phone Number

Direct Email

Exact Job Title

Visitor Location

Company Website

Estimated Revenue

Number of Employees

Personality Assessment

Number of Pages Visited

Company Twitter & Facebook

Best in class visitor identification

Our technology can identify the specific individuals visiting your website and provide you with their job details, direct contact information, and much more.

This comprehensive information can help you make targeted outreach efforts, identify who shows interest and convert website visitors into high value prospects.

Increase conversions by 10X

Targeted outreach along with this data can increase conversions up to 10 times.

Reduce Marketing Costs

By identifying everyone visiting your website, you can afford to spend less on marketing.

Features & Benefits

Our visitor identification system has lots of great features and benefits.

Unlimited Lead Export

Export an unlimited number of leads into any CRM of your choice.

Filter & Sort

Filter & sort leads inside the dashboard to quickly find high value leads.

Set Rules

Customize your leads by setting rules for who to include or exclude.

Dedicated Support

Fast & friendly support & regular check-ins.

Strategy Session

Meetings to discuss your goals and leads to plan the perfect outreach.

Easy Setup

Simple setup process that anyone can do.

Competitor Visits

Identify competitors which are clicking your paid ads & visiting your site.

Investor Interest

Identify potential investors visiting your site and reach out with a prospectus to secure funding.

Customized Outreach

Generate unique outreach messages for specific prospects based on their demographic & company.

Who is SimplyIntel Designed For?

Designed for founders, marketers, and sales leaders that value data & speed.


Marketing Decision makers

Growth, revenue & sales leaders


You worked hard building a great product and now you want to maximize your marketing and sales efforts.

We provide you and your team with detailed information on who is showing interest in your products and services.

By using SimplyIntel, you can make your marketing team smarter and your sales team faster with targeted outreach.

Being the marketing decision maker is a hard job. You are constantly chasing increasing costs and competition.

You can drive thousands of visitors to the website but only a small percentage of them convert into leads.

By using SimplyIntel, you now have insight into who is visiting your website along and their full contact information.

This information can be:

  • Sent to the sales team to take action
  • Reduce your marketing costs
  • Increase your efficiency
  • Optimize your targeting
  • See if competitors are clicking on your ads

Every sales leader thrives on warm leads. Having warm leads makes your job easier and allows you to have more productive conversations in a single day.

By using SimplyIntel, you will have a regularly updating list of warm leads to work.

Use our sort and filter features, narrow down the list and focus on the highest value opportunities.

Agencies can use SimplyIntel to offer more value to their customers and make their job easier.

By identify the traffic you are generating for your clients, you can increase the value proposition of your marketing services and allow the customer to experience a higher return on investment.

Agency partners have reported 34% higher customer engagement when combining our data with their services.

Agency partners will receive 20% of the revenue from their clients subscription. Please contact us to start.

Compatible with Major CRM’s

Frequent Asked Questions

Common questions that we get asked.

How much does SimplyIntel cost?

SimplyIntel is risk-free to try for 7 days.

Our cost per lead is $0.10 to $0.30 depending on the volume and package.

To determine which package is right for you, schedule a quick demo with our team to learn more.

What can I expect in the demo?

The demo is a quick & friendly conversation and product walk through. There are no pushy sales tactics.

The goal is to get you familiar with the platform to maximize its value for you.

Is this legal & GDPR compliant?
Yes! We use information sent from the user’s computer & publicly available sources to determine their identity.

Our product is completely legal and GDPR compliant.

However, we have strict policies in place to ensure our clients are using it for genuine business activities.

How does SimplyIntel work?

SimplyIntel works by resolving the identity of your website visitors and determining if they are qualified leads, robots, or malicious actors.

If they are qualified leads, they will be provided inside your dashboard as leads along with their full name, company, job title, email, phone number and much more.

If they are determined to be robots or malicious users (including competitors) we will recommend that you block them from visiting your website or clicking on your paid advertisements.

How can I get started?
To get started, schedule your free product demo with our friendly staff. We will walk you through the product and start your account.

SimplyIntel Reviews

Here is what customers say about SimplyIntel.

“SimplyIntel has proven to be an invaluable asset for startups seeking to accelerate growth and enhance precise targeted outreach efforts. After integrating SimplyIntel into one of our companies, the impact was immediate and transformative. The tool proved so effective that within a week, we eagerly extended its benefits to another of our ventures. The rapid and tangible results speak volumes about the effectiveness and potential of SimplyIntel in empowering businesses to thrive.”

Trey Dodrill

Business Analyst, Ageon Corporation

I’m excited to share that SimplyIntel is working great, and we’ve noticed many leads reaching our site. Good stuff!!!

Gary Utley

Growth Marketing Manager, ConverseNow.AI

Unlike the other tools I tried they actually identify the exact person that is visiting the website which is the biggest attraction I had to try this.

Sean Spadafora

Director of Marketing, AMS, Inc.

Our sales team found SimplyIntel to be extremely helpful with follow ups and tracking down all company and all contact information that visited our website. The information available is more than comprehensive for 1:1 outreach and uploading to our CRM. The export feature is easy to use for uploading leads efficiently to Salesforce.

Samantha Wills

Sr. Marketing Manager, Tausight

“Other marketing tools only give businesses the ability to identify website visitor IP addresses. While they can’t provide an individual contact name associated with a visit, they can often identify the name of a visitor’s company.

SimplyIntel however, takes this a step further to identify site visitors with individual contact information.

All of this data provides valuable sales intelligence, which can be used to identify new, high-quality leads or focus ongoing sales efforts.”

Olive & Company

Leading Digital Marketing Agency

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