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Selecting your SmartFilters

Focus on the visitors that matter most.

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SmartFilters AP Version
Which website you want to track. Please note, this must be the same website on your Google Analytics.
Do you want to identify visitors from all pages or specific pages?

Please be as descriptive as possible. Our artificial intelligence system needs context to understand your target audience to be able to provide the best filtering for your website traffic.

To ensure you only get the highest quality leads from your credits, we may need to request additional context.

Tips on SmartFilters (click to learn more)

Many people visit your website, but you may not be interested in all of them.

Below you will select industries, job functions and countries that matter to you the most.

The software will then use this information to prioritize the highest valued visitors.

This does not necessarily mean that people outside of your filter will be excluded but it means that the ones within the parameters you specify will be prioritized.

Understanding the logic: the software will prioritize anyone with the job functions that is within the industries in the countries you highlight.