Revolutionizing B2C Direct Mail with SimplyIntel: The EcoLiving Home Goods Story


In the vibrant B2C marketplace, direct mail offers a unique channel to connect personally with consumers. EcoLiving Home Goods, a purveyor of sustainable home products, embraced SimplyIntel to redefine their direct mail campaigns, achieving unprecedented levels of personalization and engagement.

Problem Statement:

EcoLiving Home Goods struggled to capture the attention of their target consumer base, facing challenges in personalizing direct mail content and effectively targeting consumers likely to be interested in sustainable living.

Solution Overview:

SimplyIntel provided a robust solution, enabling EcoLiving Home Goods to deeply understand their website visitors and tailor direct mail campaigns to individual consumer preferences and behaviors, leveraging advanced data analysis and consumer profiling.


Adapting SimplyIntel for a B2C direct mail strategy involved several tailored steps:

1. Integrate SimplyIntel with Your Online Store:

Deploy SimplyIntel on your eCommerce platform to track visitor interactions and behaviors, turning casual browsing into actionable consumer insights.

2. Set Up Consumer Filters for Precision Targeting:

Utilize SmartFilters in SimplyIntel to segment consumers based on detailed criteria, including purchasing history, product interests, and engagement levels, ensuring your direct mail reaches those most likely to convert.

3. Leverage Behavioral Insights for Personalization:

Analyze the collected data to understand the preferences, lifestyle, and values of your consumers. Use this information to design direct mail pieces that resonate on a personal level, such as tailored offers and content relevant to their sustainable living interests.

4. Craft Compelling Direct Mail Content:

With insights from SimplyIntel, create personalized direct mail materials that speak directly to the consumer’s interests and values, enhancing the likelihood of engagement and response.

5. Automate and Integrate for Efficiency:

Synchronize SimplyIntel with your CRM and marketing automation tools to streamline the direct mail process, from consumer segmentation to follow-up engagement strategies.

6. Analyze Campaign Performance and Optimize:

Utilize SimplyIntel analytics features to track the performance of your direct mail campaigns, using consumer feedback and engagement metrics to refine and improve future strategies.

Results and Analysis:


  • Enhanced Consumer Engagement: Direct mail response rates surged by 55%, showcasing the impact of personalized, value-aligned content.
  • Increased Conversion Rates: Conversion rates from direct mail recipients climbed by 35%, attributed to targeted, relevant messaging.
  • Improved Customer Lifetime Value: A 40% increase in repeat purchase rates was observed among consumers engaged through personalized direct mail, indicating enhanced consumer loyalty.
  • Cost Efficiency: Targeted direct mail led to a more judicious use of the marketing budget, with decreased expenditure on low-engagement segments.
  • Positive Consumer Feedback: Consumers expressed appreciation for the personalized, eco-conscious messaging, strengthening brand loyalty and perception.


EcoLiving Home Goods’ utilization of SimplyIntel showcases the transformative potential of data-driven personalization in B2C direct mail campaigns, significantly elevating consumer engagement and loyalty.

Best Practices:

Regularly update consumer segmentation and personalization strategies based on ongoing insights and market trends.

Integrate direct mail with online consumer experiences for a cohesive brand journey.

Continuously measure the impact of personalization on consumer behavior and campaign ROI.


EcoLiving Home Goods’ story highlights the power of SimplyIntel in revolutionizing B2C direct mail strategies, proving that deep consumer insights and targeted personalization are key to captivating and retaining consumers.