Podcast Guesting: Expand Reach, Build Authority, and Connect with New Audiences

Podcasts have rapidly gained popularity as a medium for delivering valuable information to audiences.

To harness the benefits of podcasting for your business, podcast guesting, also known as podcast interviews, is a highly effective strategy to expand your reach, establish authority in your industry, and connect with new audiences.

In this article, we will explore the significance of podcast guesting in content marketing, how to pitch yourself as a podcast guest, and techniques to entice listeners to click on your links.

Why Podcast Guesting Matters for Content Marketing

Guesting on podcasts offers a unique opportunity to reach a broader audience and build authority.

Podcasts foster personal connections between hosts and guests, enabling you to connect with new audiences, establish relationships with influencers and thought leaders, increase brand awareness and drive traffic to your website or blog.

The exposure you gain as a podcast guest is invaluable.

Hosts often promote upcoming episodes on social media, providing you with increased visibility among their followers.

Being recommended as a guest on other podcasts enhances your credibility and can lead to additional booking opportunities.

Podcasts are also an excellent platform for acquiring new ideas and fresh insights.

Engaging in conversations with hosts and fellow guests exposes you to diverse topics, which can inspire your content creation.

You can directly quote experts or write articles based on the subjects discussed during the podcast appearance.

Furthermore, podcast guesting presents an avenue for generating leads.

By sharing detailed information about yourself and your business during the episode, you can offer valuable resources to listeners.

This presents an opportunity to promote your newsletter sign-up or products, initiating lead generation.

How to Leverage Guest Appearances on Podcasts as a Content Marketing Strategy

Podcasts, whether audio or video-based, offer substantial benefits for building your brand, expanding your audience, and establishing authority.

As a podcast guest, you can share your expertise with new audiences, gain backlinks to your website, and drive traffic and leads.

To kickstart your podcast guesting journey, begin by reaching out to established podcast hosts in your industry.

Conduct searches on platforms like iTunes or Google using industry-related keywords to find relevant podcasts.

You can then contact hosts directly via email or social media platforms such as LinkedIn.

Alternatively, consider creating your podcast as a means to build your brand and authority, while simultaneously producing compelling content for your website or blog.

If you run an online business, podcasting can serve as an effective strategy for lead generation.

When crafting your pitch to podcast hosts, adhere to these essential tips:

Be Concise

Keep your pitch concise, providing the necessary information without overwhelming the host.

Be Specific

Communicate the value you bring as a guest, ensuring the host understands why their audience will benefit from your insights.

Keep It Relevant

Tailor your pitch to align with the podcast’s focus and audience. Relevance is crucial for capturing the host’s interest.

Be Succinct

Avoid lengthy monologues and aim for a concise, direct pitch.

Engaging in meaningful dialogue with the host is more effective than a one-sided conversation.

What Topics Should You Pitch?

When pitching yourself as a podcast guest, consider the relevance of the topic to the show’s audience.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Am I an expert on this topic? 

If not, can I quickly acquire expertise before the episode airs?

  1. Does it relate to my brand or business goals?

Identify unique perspectives or experiences you can contribute that would provide value to the show’s audience.

  1. Can we have a dynamic conversation about this topic? 

Assess whether the topic aligns with the host’s interests and conversational style.

Establishing a connection with the host is crucial for a successful podcast appearance.

While a personal connection is not necessary, ensure both parties feel comfortable collaborating during the recording.

How to Research Top Podcasts in Your Industry

To find podcasts in your industry, search using keywords related to your field alongside the term “podcast.”

This search will yield a list of relevant podcasts.

Pay attention to the number of listeners each podcast attracts, as it indicates its popularity.

Podcasts with over 50 million monthly downloads or listens (or 10 million and above) are typically popular, attracting high-quality guests.

If listener numbers are not provided, it becomes harder to gauge the podcast’s reach.

In such cases, consider other factors like the alignment with your target market or other unique benefits the show offers.

Podcast longevity is also essential to consider.

Podcasts that have been around for several years and consistently attract hundreds of thousands (or millions) of listeners per episode are likely doing something right.

Ultimately, listening to the podcast is the best way to determine its quality and relevance.

If you enjoy the content and find it aligned with your goals, consider reaching out to be a guest.

Additionally, check the podcast’s website for information on episode downloads and listens, although this data may not always be available.

How to Get Listeners to Click on Your Links

As a podcast guest, you have the opportunity to drive listeners directly to your website and encourage them to take action.

One effective way to do this is by creating an enticing call to action (CTA) in the show notes or episode description that includes a link to your website.

Make sure the link is clearly and prominently displayed so that listeners can easily access it for more information.

Here are some tips to consider:

  • Include at least one clear CTA in each episode description or show notes page on your website. 

The CTA should instruct visitors to take a specific action, such as “learn more about us” or “sign up for our newsletter.” 

Offering multiple CTAs allows listeners to choose an option that aligns with their interests.

  • Craft a compelling headline with strong keywords related to the topics discussed during the podcast. 

This will help attract listeners’ attention and increase the chances of them clicking on your link.


Podcast guesting is a highly effective strategy for increasing your visibility, establishing authority, and connecting with new audiences.

By leveraging this content marketing strategy, you can expand your network, reach new audiences, and share your expertise with others.

Through engaging conversations and valuable insights, podcast guesting provides a unique opportunity to grow your brand while helping others through the power of your knowledge.