Maximizing CRM Potential with SimplyIntel: A Breakthrough in Lead Management


In an era where effective customer relationship management (CRM) is the cornerstone of business success, SimplyIntel introduces a paradigm shift in how companies can leverage their CRM systems. By offering advanced insights into website visitors without the need for traditional cookie tracking, SimplyIntel’s SmartFilters, AutoSend functionalities, and a proprietary DISC personality assessment tool redefine lead capture and engagement. This case study illustrates the transformative impact of integrating SimplyIntel with a CRM system, using “Natural Solutions Tech” as an illustrative example, to showcase enhanced lead management and sales efficiency.


“Natural Solutions Tech,” a company specializing in eco-friendly technology solutions, faced the challenge of not fully utilizing their CRM system for lead nurturing and conversion. Despite having access to sophisticated CRM technology, they struggled to identify high-quality leads from their website visitors and to manage these leads effectively within their CRM. The goal was to enhance their CRM functionalities to ensure better lead capture, automated engagement, and an increase in conversion rates.


The process of integrating SimplyIntel with Natural Solutions Tech’s CRM system was carefully planned to provide a strategic roadmap for success:

CRM Integration Setup:

Data Synchronization: Ensured seamless data exchange between SimplyIntel and the CRM, facilitating immediate updates to lead information.

Custom Fields Configuration: Integrated custom fields for DISC personality insights and engagement metrics derived from SimplyIntel into the CRM.


Advanced Lead Identification with SmartFilters:

Define Ideal Customer Profiles (ICPs): Utilized SmartFilters to specify ICPs based on factors such as industry relevance, job role, and engagement level, capturing only the most pertinent leads.

Refinement of Filters: Regularly refined these filters based on ongoing analysis of conversion data, aiming to continuously enhance the quality of leads captured.


DISC Personality Insights for Personalized CRM Entries:

Automated DISC Profiling: Set up SimplyIntel to conduct DISC assessments automatically for incoming leads, enriching CRM profiles with these personality insights.

Tailored Engagement Strategies: Employed DISC insights to segment leads within the CRM, crafting customized marketing and sales approaches.


Automating Engagement Through CRM with AutoSend:

Email Automation: Implemented CRM-triggered personalized email workflows, utilizing information such as the lead’s DISC profile and past interactions for customization.

LinkedIn Integration: Automated personalized LinkedIn connection requests from the CRM, leveraging enriched CRM data for tailored messaging.


Empowering Sales with Actionable CRM Data:

Sales Dashboard Customization: Enhanced the CRM dashboard to display key insights from SimplyIntel, including lead prioritization and engagement recommendations.

Training and Workshops: Conducted in-depth training for the sales and marketing teams on leveraging the enriched CRM data for more effective lead management and outreach.

Results and Analysis:

The following highlight the significant improvements achieved by Natural Solutions Tech after integration:

  • Quality Lead Identification: Post-SimplyIntel integration, Natural Solutions Tech saw a 100% increase in the capture of high-quality leads, enhancing the proportion from 20% to 40% of total leads due to SmartFilters and DISC personality insights.
  • Conversion Rate Improvement: The lead to sale conversion rate doubled from 5% to 10% as a result of more personalized engagement strategies and better lead qualification through enriched CRM data.
  • Sales Efficiency Gains: The time spent on lead qualification by sales personnel was reduced by 30%, thanks to more accurate lead scoring and prioritization enabled by SimplyIntel analytics.
  • Revenue Growth: As a direct consequence of higher quality leads and improved conversion rates, Natural Solutions Tech experienced a 300% increase in monthly revenue from new leads, going from an initial $100,000 to $400,000.


Natural Solutions Tech’s successful adoption of SimplyIntel alongside their CRM system highlights the transformative potential of augmenting traditional CRM capabilities with advanced lead identification and personalized engagement tools. The incorporation of DISC personality assessments into the CRM strategy significantly elevated the level of personalized interaction with leads, boosting CRM efficiency.


Integrating SimplyIntel with CRM systems offers a modernized approach to leveraging CRM technology. The experience of Natural Solutions Tech serves as an inspirational model for companies seeking to maximize their CRM’s potential, ensuring more effective lead engagement, streamlined sales processes, and improved conversion outcomes.