Enhancing B2B Direct Mail Efficiency with SimplyIntel: AquaTech Dynamics’ Success Story


Direct mail in the B2B sector offers a unique opportunity for personal and impactful communication. AquaTech Dynamics, a leader in industrial water purification technology, harnessed SimplyIntel to transform their approach to direct mail, targeting and personalizing their campaigns with unprecedented precision.

Problem Statement:

AquaTech Dynamics faced challenges with their direct mail campaigns, including wasted resources and low engagement, due to a lack of personalization and targeted strategy.

Solution Overview:

SimplyIntel provided the tools needed for identifying website visitors, automating targeted outreach, and personalizing communication through DISC personality assessments, revolutionizing AquaTech Dynamics’ direct mail strategy.


  • Enable SimplyIntel on Your Website: Implement SimplyIntel to track and analyze website traffic. This involves placing a simple code snippet on your site that begins to collect data on your visitors, turning anonymous traffic into identified leads.
  • Configure SmartFilters for Targeted Identification: Within SimplyIntel, set up SmartFilters to select leads based on specific criteria that match your ideal customer profile, such as industry, location, job title, and engagement level with your site. This ensures that you’re focusing your efforts on the most promising prospects.
  • Use DISC Assessments to Understand Your Leads: For each identified lead, use SimplyIntel to generate a DISC personality profile based on their LinkedIn activity and other available data. This step is crucial for tailoring your direct mail content to match the communication style and preferences of the recipient.
  • Craft Personalized Direct Mail Content: Utilize the insights gained from SimplyIntel, including the DISC assessment, to create highly personalized and relevant direct mail pieces. This could involve customizing the message to appeal to the individual’s role, challenges, and personality, ensuring your mail stands out and resonates.
  • Seamlessly Integrate with CRM and Automate Follow-Up: Sync SimplyIntel with your CRM system to automatically update lead information and track the progress of your direct mail campaigns. Use the AutoSend feature to schedule follow-up communications, reinforcing the message of the direct mail piece and keeping your brand top of mind.
  • Measure and Optimize Your Campaigns: Finally, leverage the data to measure the performance of your direct mail campaigns. Analyze which types of personalization and targeting yielded the best response rates and optimize future campaigns based on these insights.

Results and Analysis:


  • Response Rate Improvement: Response rates to direct mail campaigns increased by 60%, indicating a higher level of engagement and interest from recipients.
  • Conversion Rate Increase: Conversion rates from direct mail recipients rose by 40%, demonstrating the effectiveness of personalized and targeted communication in driving actions.
  • Lead Quality Enhancement: There was a 50% increase in leads matching AquaTech Dynamics’ ideal customer profile, leading to more efficient sales conversations and better allocation of resources.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: The precision targeting and personalization led to a more efficient use of the marketing budget, with a reduction in wasted spend on uninterested or unqualified leads.
  • Customer Feedback: Positive feedback from recipients highlighted the relevance and personal touch of the direct mail pieces, contributing to improved brand perception and customer relationships.


AquaTech Dynamics’ experience illustrates the transformative impact of integrating SimplyIntel into B2B direct mail strategies, enhancing both engagement and ROI through data-driven personalization.

Best Practices:

  • Continually refine SmartFilters and messaging based on evolving goals and DISC insights.
  • Leverage integration and automation for efficiency and effectiveness in campaigns.


The case of AquaTech Dynamics showcases the significant benefits of employing SimplyIntel in direct mail campaigns, from increased engagement and conversion rates to improved lead quality and cost efficiency.