Case Study: Revolutionizing Email Marketing with SimplyIntel


In the competitive landscape of digital marketing, ABC Corporation, a mid-sized B2B technology firm, struggled to stand out. Despite investing heavily in content marketing and SEO, their conversion rates and lead quality were not meeting expectations. The introduction of SimplyIntel, a sophisticated website identification software, marked a turning point in their marketing strategy, particularly in refining their email marketing campaigns.


ABC Corporation faced several key challenges:


  • Low Conversion Rates: Despite a high volume of website traffic, the conversion rate from visitor to qualified lead was disappointingly low.
  • Inefficient Lead Segmentation: The company’s email marketing efforts were hampered by a lack of targeted lead segmentation, leading to generic outreach that failed to resonate with potential customers.
  • Resource Intensive Lead Generation: Manual lead generation processes were time-consuming and often resulted in outdated or irrelevant contact information.

Solution Overview:

SimplyIntel offered a comprehensive solution with its unique capabilities:


  • SmartFilters for Targeted Identification: ABC Corporation utilized SimplyIntel’s SmartFilters to focus on visitors from specific industries and job titles, ensuring that only the most relevant visitors were identified.
  • Detailed Contact Information: For each identified visitor, SimplyIntel provided detailed contact information, including name, company, job title, and LinkedIn profiles, enabling personalized outreach.
  • DISC Personality Assessment: Utilizing LinkedIn profiles, SimplyIntel provided DISC personality assessments for each lead, guiding the tone and content of email communications for higher engagement.
  • AutoSend Emails Feature: This feature automated personalized email outreach to newly identified leads, significantly increasing the efficiency of ABC Corporation’s email marketing efforts.


Setting Up for Success

ABC Corporation began by identifying their primary target segments within the technology sector, focusing on decision-makers in IT and procurement roles within industries likely to need their solutions. Using SimplyIntel’s SmartFilters, they set criteria to capture visitors from these segments, focusing on those accessing key product pages and resources.

Gathering and Utilizing Insights

For each visitor identified, SimplyIntel provided detailed contact information and a DISC personality assessment. ABC Corporation organized this data to personalize their email marketing approach:

Contact Information Use

They created a detailed database segmenting leads by job title, company size, and industry, aligning them with tailored email content tracks designed to resonate with each segment’s specific needs and pain points.

DISC Assessment Application

The marketing team developed four primary email communication styles based on the DISC profiles (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, Conscientiousness), ensuring the message tone and call to action were highly personalized. For instance, emails targeted at ‘Dominance’ profile leads were concise, highlighting efficiency and ROI, while ‘Influence’ targeted emails were more engaging and story-driven, focusing on success stories and testimonials.

Automated Personalization at Scale

Leveraging SimplyIntel’s AutoSend Emails feature, ABC Corporation automated the dissemination of personalized emails. This process included:


  • Dynamic Content Insertion: Using the detailed contact information, each email was personalized to include the recipient’s name, company, and references to their industry’s specific challenges, automatically populated from the database.
  • Behavior-triggered Emails: Based on the pages visited (captured through SmartFilters), the system sent highly relevant follow-up emails.
  • DISC-based Customization: The email content varied significantly depending on the recipient’s DISC profile, from the subject line to the email body and the call to action, ensuring alignment with the recipient’s communication preferences.

Measuring Success and Optimizing:

Within three months of implementing this strategy, ABC Corporation observed the following results:


Lead Engagement: Open rates for emails increased by 45%, and click-through rates by 35%, indicating higher relevance and engagement.

Conversion Rates: The targeted, personalized approach led to a 50% increase in leads moving from the consideration to decision stage in the sales funnel.

Efficiency Gains: The automation of personalized email outreach allowed the marketing team to allocate 30% more time to strategic initiatives and content creation.

Data-Driven Insights:

Analysis of engagement metrics by DISC profile revealed that ‘Influence’ and ‘Steadiness’ profiles responded best to storytelling and detailed case studies, whereas ‘Dominance’ and ‘Conscientiousness’ profiles showed higher engagement with data-driven content and quick, actionable insights.

The most effective subject lines were those that directly addressed a pain point identified through the page the lead visited, with a 60% higher open rate compared to generic subject lines.

Iterative Improvement:

Based on these insights, ABC Corporation continuously refined their email templates and segmentation strategies. They introduced A/B testing for various elements of their emails, from subject lines to different DISC profile-based approaches, further enhancing engagement and conversion rates over time.


For ABC Corporation, SimplyIntel proved to be an indispensable tool in navigating the challenges of digital marketing. By leveraging detailed visitor insights and automating personalized outreach, the company was able to significantly enhance the effectiveness of its email marketing campaigns. The case of ABC Corporation highlights the potential of SimplyIntel to revolutionize email marketing strategies through targeted identification, personalized outreach, and automation.