Case Study: Enhancing LinkedIn Remarketing Strategies with SimplyIntel at FinTech Innovations Inc.


In a competitive digital ecosystem, FinTech Innovations Inc., a leader in financial technology, sought to elevate its remarketing strategies to effectively re-engage interested website visitors. Recognizing LinkedIn’s pivotal role in reaching key decision-makers, the company integrated SimplyIntel to unlock advanced targeting and personalization capabilities. This case study delves into the transformative journey of FinTech Innovations Inc., highlighting the strategic implementation of SimplyIntel to revamp its LinkedIn remarketing efforts.


FinTech Innovations Inc. grappled with two major challenges:

  • Low Re-engagement Rates: Struggling to recapture the attention of visitors who showed interest but did not convert.
  • Inefficient Remarketing Targeting: Broad and unfocused remarketing campaigns led to suboptimal conversion rates and wasteful ad spend.

A sophisticated, data-driven solution was necessary to refine targeting and personalize remarketing efforts on LinkedIn.

Solution: Advanced LinkedIn Remarketing Integration

To overcome these hurdles, FinTech Innovations Inc. turned to SimplyIntel for its unique capability to enhance LinkedIn remarketing through:


  • Rich LinkedIn Data Capture for improved lead identification.
  • SmartFilters for Precise Audience Segmentation, creating highly targeted remarketing audiences.
  • Personalized Campaigns, leveraging LinkedIn insights for customized messaging.
  • Direct Engagement with AutoSend LinkedIn, automating personalized outreach to potential leads.

Detailed Implementation and Usage:

Step 1: Setting Up SimplyIntel for Data Capture

  • Integration: FinTech Innovations Inc. integrated SimplyIntel with its website to automatically identify and capture LinkedIn data of visitors who showed initial interest but left without converting. This step was crucial for building a foundational database for remarketing.


Step 2: Utilizing SmartFilters for Targeted Segmentation

  • Criteria Selection: The marketing team selected specific criteria within SmartFilters, such as job titles (“CFO,” “Financial Analyst”), industries (e.g., “Banking,” “Insurance”), and engagement levels (e.g., visited pricing page but did not sign up).
  • Segmentation: Using these criteria, the team segmented the captured leads into distinct groups for personalized remarketing campaigns. For example, one segment targeted CFOs in the banking industry who visited the pricing page, indicating a high intent but no conversion.


Step 3: Developing Personalized Remarketing Campaigns

  • Campaign Planning: For each segment, the team developed tailored LinkedIn remarketing campaigns. Utilizing insights from SimplyIntel, including DISC personality assessments, the campaigns featured customized messaging that resonated with the specific interests and behaviors of the target audience.
  • Content Creation: Content varied from educational articles addressing industry-specific challenges to personalized invitations to exclusive webinars, each designed to address the unique needs and interests of the segmented audience.


Step 4: Automating Direct Engagement with AutoSend LinkedIn

  • Personalized Outreach: The AutoSend LinkedIn feature was configured to send a automated, personalized message to high-value leads with a connection request. These messages included direct calls to action, such as scheduling a demo or consultation, tailored to the lead’s previously demonstrated interests and engagement level.
  • Follow-Up Strategy: A structured follow-up sequence was established, ensuring that leads received timely, relevant content and engagement opportunities to nurture them further down the funnel.


Step 5: Monitoring, Analysis, and Optimization

  • Performance Tracking: Using SimplyIntel data, the team continuously monitored the performance of each remarketing campaign, tracking metrics such as click-through rates, engagement rates, and conversion rates.
  • Iterative Improvements: Insights gained from performance data informed ongoing optimizations. Campaigns were regularly refined based on which messages, content types, and offers yielded the highest engagement and conversion rates, ensuring a constantly improving remarketing strategy.


Post-implementation, FinTech Innovations Inc. witnessed significant enhancements in its LinkedIn remarketing outcomes:

  • Re-engagement Rate: Soared by 80%, attributed to more precise targeting and personalized messaging.
  • Conversion Rate: Increased by 60%, highlighting the effectiveness of tailored remarketing efforts.
  • ROI on Ad Spend: Improved by 45%, demonstrating greater efficiency in ad targeting and content relevance.
  • Lead Quality: Saw a marked improvement, especially among decision-makers in targeted industries.


Through strategic implementation of SimplyIntel, FinTech Innovations Inc. revolutionized its LinkedIn remarketing strategy, achieving higher engagement, conversion rates, and ROI. This case study exemplifies the power of leveraging advanced data insights and personalization to re-engage interested leads effectively.

Companies seeking to enhance their LinkedIn remarketing strategies are encouraged to explore SimplyIntel’s capabilities and consider integrating this powerful tool into their digital marketing arsenal.