Case Study: Elevating Lead Generation and Sales Success with SimplyIntel LinkedIn Integration at CyberSecure Inc.


In the fast-evolving B2B landscape, identifying and engaging potential leads remains a pivotal challenge for companies. CyberSecure Inc., a mid-sized B2B tech company specializing in cybersecurity solutions, sought to enhance its lead generation and sales strategies to improve conversion rates and efficiently target high-potential leads. This case study explores the implementation of SimplyIntel, focusing on the LinkedIn approach, to address these challenges.


Despite attracting significant website traffic, CyberSecure Inc. faced two main challenges: 

  • Low Conversion Rates: Difficulty in converting anonymous website visitors into qualified leads.
  • Inefficient Targeting: Challenges in personalizing sales approaches due to limited visitor data.

The company recognized the need for a sophisticated tool to identify potential leads and enable personalized outreach based on reliable data.

Solution: Implementing SimplyIntel with LinkedIn


A mid-sized B2B tech company specializing in cybersecurity solutions, CyberSecure Inc., is looking to improve its lead generation and sales processes. Despite attracting significant website traffic, the company struggles with converting anonymous visitors into qualified leads and efficiently targeting them with personalized sales pitches.


Step 1: Setting Up SimplyIntel with LinkedIn Integration

CyberSecure Inc. integrates SimplyIntel on their website, enabling the identification of website visitors’ LinkedIn profiles and company pages without using cookies. The goal is to collect enriched data such as company name, job title, industry, and LinkedIn profiles to facilitate targeted outreach.


Step 2: Configuring SmartFilters Based on LinkedIn Criteria

The marketing team configures SmartFilters to focus on their ideal customer profile (ICP), targeting:

  • Industries: Finance, Healthcare, and Technology.
  • Job Titles: CISO, Security Analyst, IT Manager.
  • Location: North America and Europe.

By applying these filters, CyberSecure Inc. ensures they only spend resources on leads that closely match their ICP.


Step 3: Utilizing DISC Personality Assessments for Personalized Communication

Upon visitor identification, SimplyIntel automatically conducts DISC personality assessments using LinkedIn profiles. For example:

  • A CISO with a ‘Dominance’ profile prefers straightforward and results-oriented communication.
  • An IT Manager with an ‘Influence’ profile responds better to enthusiastic and collaborative messaging.

CyberSecure Inc. trains its sales team to use these insights for crafting personalized emails and LinkedIn messages, significantly improving response rates.


Step 4: Leveraging AutoSend Features for Efficient Outreach

With AutoSend Emails and LinkedIn, CyberSecure Inc. automates personalized outreach:

  • Emails: Tailored pitches highlighting cybersecurity challenges relevant to the lead’s industry and role.

LinkedIn: Connection requests and messages referencing specific details from the lead’s LinkedIn profile and mutual interests.

Results and Analysis:

2 Engagement Rate

  • Lead Identification Rate: Increased from 10% to 65%, identifying 550% more leads with relevant LinkedIn information.
  • Engagement Rate: The response rate to outreach efforts doubled, from an average of 15% to 30%, thanks to personalized communication based on DISC assessments.
  • Conversion Rate: Saw a 40% increase, with a significant number of these leads traced back to personalized LinkedIn outreach strategies.
  • CRM Integration Efficiency: Lead processing time decreased by 80%, with AutoSend CRM automatically importing leads into their Salesforce system.

Detailed Use Case Example:

John Doe, a CISO in the healthcare industry, visits the CyberSecure Inc. website. SimplyIntel identifies John’s LinkedIn profile and assesses his DISC profile as ‘Conscientious’. Recognizing John’s preference for detailed, analytical communication, the sales team sends a personalized email outlining specific cybersecurity challenges in healthcare, referencing recent industry studies and how their solution addresses these issues. Additionally, a LinkedIn message is sent, inviting John to a webinar tailored to cybersecurity trends in healthcare. John responds positively to the targeted outreach, leading to a successful conversion.


By leveraging LinkedIn information through SimplyIntel, CyberSecure Inc. dramatically improved its lead generation and sales processes. The detailed data and insights allowed for highly targeted and personalized outreach, resulting in higher engagement and conversion rates. This scenario exemplifies the transformative potential of SimplyIntel in harnessing LinkedIn data for B2B marketing and sales success.