Account Based Marketing Strategy & Execution

B2B marketers face a unique challenge when it comes to reaching their target audience. Traditional marketing tactics, such as mass advertising and email blasts, aren’t as effective as they once were.

The B2B buying cycle is longer, and decision-makers are often inundated with marketing messages.

As a result, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for B2B companies to stand out from the competition and connect with their ideal customers.

What’s more, B2B sales are typically higher value than B2C sales, which means each lead is more valuable. This makes it even more crucial for B2B marketers to be strategic and focused in their approach. And that’s where account-based marketing (ABM) comes in.

ABM is a targeted marketing approach that focuses on specific accounts rather than individual leads. It’s a personalized and holistic approach that enables B2B marketers to connect with their ideal customers in a more meaningful way.

However, despite the potential benefits of ABM, many B2B marketers have yet to adopt this approach.

So why should B2B companies prioritize ABM? Firstly, ABM is proven to be effective. According to a survey by the Information Technology Services Marketing Association (ITSMA), 87% of marketers said ABM outperformed other marketing investments. Furthermore, 60% of respondents reported a revenue increase of at least 20% after adopting an ABM strategy.

Secondly, ABM enables B2B marketers to focus their efforts on high-value accounts that are most likely to convert. This not only saves time and resources but also leads to better ROI.

Finally, ABM is a personalized approach that enables B2B marketers to build stronger relationships with their ideal customers. By understanding the specific pain points and challenges of each account, marketers can tailor their messaging and offerings to meet their needs.

This leads to higher engagement and ultimately, more closed deals.

Account-based marketing is a crucial strategy for B2B companies that want to stand out in a crowded marketplace. By focusing on high-value accounts and taking a personalized approach, B2B marketers can generate more revenue and build stronger relationships with their customers.

The statistics speak for themselves – ABM is proven to be effective, and companies that adopt this strategy are seeing significant results.

If you’re a B2B marketer looking to implement an ABM strategy, the good news is that there are many tools and resources available to help you.

One such tool is SimplyIntel, a free account-based marketing service that enables B2B companies to identify and target high-value accounts. With SimplyIntel, you can access detailed company and contact information, as well as marketing insights and analytics, all in one place.

Don’t let your B2B marketing efforts go to waste. Adopt an account-based marketing approach and start seeing real results today.

4 Benefits of Account Based Marketing

Reasons to consider account based marketing:


Immediate Increase in Revenue


Increased Return on Investment


Lower Customer Acquisition Cost


Makes Marketers Life Easier

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